In which a candidate takes a blow to the gut in his own ad

In all our years of watching political ads, we have never seen a candidate take a shot to the gut.

That appeared to change Monday, when the campaign of Minnesota Senate candidate Mike McFadden (R) released the below ad featuring the candidate's youth football team talking about their coach. At the end, he urges his players to "get out their and hit somebody."

What follows is what appears to be a shot to the gut from an overzealous young lad. Some viewers even think it was a shot to the groin.

McFadden's campaign is quick to emphasize that the "hit" -- which is slightly off-camera -- was to McFadden's gut and not any lower.

Others have opined that the candidate's voice rises a few octaves after the hit -- suggesting a different target suffered the blow. (It's just science.)

We'll leave it for you guys to decide...

U.S. Senate candidate Mike McFadden (R-Minn.) highlights his youth coaching abilities in his first television ad, featuring testimonies from players on McFadden's team. (YouTube/Mike McFadden)


Aaron Blake covers national politics and writes regularly for The Fix.
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