Republican primary state visits: Mapped, animated and charted

Hey, did you hear that there will be a presidential election in 2016? It's true. It's been in the news.

You know who is very much aware that the election is coming up? Eleven Republicans who've traveled to four key primary states (Iowa, New Hampshire, South Carolina, and Nevada) a combined 71 times since January 2013. At least.

We tracked their appearances between then and next month (when many of them have events already scheduled) to get a sense for who was making the most appearances, and where. We'll give it away upfront: Sen. Ted Cruz (Tex.) leads the pack. As you might have guessed.

Here are the visits:

Who IA NH SC NV Total
Sen. Ted Cruz 5 3 3 0 11
Sen. Rand Paul 4 2 3 1 10
Rick Santorum 5 1 4 0 10
Gov. Rick Perry 5 1 3 0 9
Mike Huckabee 4 2 2 0 8
Gov. Bobby Jindal 3 2 2 0 7
Gov. Chris Christie 1 2 0 3 6
Gov. Scott Walker 1 1 1 1 4
Rep. Paul Ryan 2 1 0 0 3
Sen. Marco Rubio 1 1 0 0 2
Jeb Bush 0 0 0 1 1

And, more interestingly, here's how the visits have occurred over time.


Photo credits: Bush (AP), Christie (Reuters), Cruz (AP), Huckabee (AP), Jindal (AP), Paul (Getty), Perry (AP), Rubio (AP), Ryan (AP), Santorum (EPA), Walker (Getty).

Correction: This post originally said that Gov. Bush had traveled to New Hampshire in April of 2014. He didn't, so the graphic and numbers have been updated.

Philip Bump writes about politics for The Fix. He previously wrote for The Wire, the news blog of The Atlantic magazine. He has contributed to The Daily Beast, The Atlantic, The Daily, and the Huffington Post. Philip is based in New York City.
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