Americans didn’t expect to capture Benghazi suspects

Even though the U.S. caught Osama bin Laden, Americans were skeptical that the Benghazi attackers would face justice.

50 percent think Clinton failed on Benghazi. But many of them still like her.

Americans disapprove of her actions 50-37 percent. But that's not the whole story.

Republicans have a mandate for their Benghazi probe

A majority of Americans approve of the investigation.

NRCC’s Benghazi fundraising pitch is nothing new (and will happen again)

As long as money is coming in, there’s really no incentive to stop.

Four questions the House Select Committee must answer about Benghazi

Partisan talking points aside, there remains lingering questions about 2012 terror attacks

Who are the members of the new House Benghazi committee?

A quick look at the members of the special panel established this week.

Benghazi is back. Here’s why Republicans think it will help them.

Explaining the political motivations behind the new House select committee.

How (and why) Benghazi is back

Legitimate issue or political posturing?

For Clinton, Benghazi report has some good, mostly bad — but no ugly

The former Secretary of State is only mentioned once in the report.

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