For a quarter of its existence, the Department of Homeland Security has been funded by temporary measures

But by government standards, that's pretty good.

The federal government spends far more money on the elderly than on its employees

That includes its employees in uniform.

Why President Obama thinks the country can start spending again

Deficits are down. But that trend is likely to reverse.

Americans think 51 percent of every tax dollar is wasted. Come on, guys.

But people don't really believe that.

Why the Obama budget is already dead

Congress has already passed a two-year budget agreement, so lawmakers can justifiably dismiss President Obama's new spending plan.

The winners and losers of the new spending bill

We read the omnibus appropriations bill so you don't have to.

Breaking down the Senate’s cloture vote on the budget compromise

The procedural step required at least 60 votes to succeed, and senators easily surpassed that margin. Here's the tally.

Who voted for the budget bill?

The outcome never in doubt, it was only a question of who might vote against it.

Paul Ryan’s boldest moment? It’s happening right now.

The Wisconsin congressman steps forward.

  • Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan
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  • Dec 12, 2013
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