What the 2012 election could have looked like with 100 percent turnout

The results would almost certainly have been dramatically different.

Democracy: Still slightly more popular than college basketball!

Brackets and ballots are not really comparable.

The many non-Romneys of 2012, and what they say about 2016

And what they tell us about 2016.

Mitt Romney would be president right now (if we linked electoral votes to congressional results)

But usually, the results wouldn't change.

It took 22 people to approve Mitt Romney’s tweets. Here are some things you can do with 22 people (or fewer).

You could populate an entire city ... literally.

Newt’s nasty debt problem

Two years after the 2012 campaign, Gingrich has barely made a dent in his $5 million in campaign debt.

Todd Akin is back, and he’s talking about rape again

Oh, and he's using the word "legitimate" a lot, too.

President Obama won all 10 of the states with the highest turnout in 2012. That means less than you think.

President Obama won all 10 states with the highest percentage turnout in 2012. So what?

How Obama won the turnout war — in 1 amazing chart

Of the 10 states with the highest turnout in 2012, President Obama won all of them.

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