Fix Caption Contest: Michele Bachmann tries out Google Glass

The Minnesota congresswoman was photographed outside a House Republican meeting Wednesday morning sporting the product, which is basically a voice-activated computer mounted to a pair of glasses.

Chris Christie, sunglasses and the 1980s: A Fix Caption Contest

Get your caption on!

George + The Worm: A Fix caption contest

A winner is declared.

George and The Worm: A special Sunday Fix caption contest

A picture, in this case, is worth one million words.

Miami Heat at the White House: Caption contest winner

Another LBJ was in the White House on Monday.

President Obama and The King: A Fix caption contest

So LeBron says to the President....

#FixCaption: We have a winner

Barack Obama met with Mitt Romney at the White House last week. See who wrote the funniest caption to the picture of the dynamic duo.

#FixCaption contest: Obama and Romney in the Oval Office

Obama. Romney. Lunch. This is a moment tailor-made for a Fix Caption Contest.

Caption Contest winners: So Joe Biden says to a biker

"So Joe Biden says to a biker...."

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