This is how depressingly partisan America has become

Presidential approval = 2014 approval.

People say race relations are getting worse. That’s pretty rare.

Two-thirds of blacks their race relations in their own community are good.

The new American ‘malaise’

35 years later, that words seems apt again.

In the states, the GOP is in its best position since the Great Depression

Assessing the final totals in the 2014 election.

Why Eric Garner is the turning point Ferguson never was

The Garner verdict offends both black and white in big numbers.

How immigration reform is winning, even while it’s still losing

71% of Americans say the system is "broken." And that's something.

Why Eric Garner isn’t Ferguson — politically speaking

Ferguson is a partisan issue. Garner doesn't have to be.

The economic recovery finally shows signs of registering … a few weeks too late for Democrats

A new smattering of post-recession bests.

African Americans aren’t thrilled with Obama’s Ferguson response

30 percent disapprove of Obama; just 6 percent voted against him in 2012.

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