Elizabeth Warren is the id of the Democratic party

Why staying in the Senate is the right call.

The chairwoman of the DNC just bashed MSNBC. What’s going on here?

Private comments made public.

The ‘liberal’ label is getting more and more popular

About one-quarter of Americans now claim it.

Democratic Jewish voters inch toward the GOP

But they're still two-to-one Democrats.

Democrats are learning to loathe themselves, just like Republicans

Introducing the political "self-esteem gap."

Debbie Wasserman Schultz’s awkward day with party leaders

Air kisses all around.

How gender mattered in the rise and fall of Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Gender was a big reason Wasserman Schultz got the job. It's also an unmistakable part of her apparent downfall.

Democrats have a depth problem. It’s largely their own fault.

If the GOP is a blue-chip business, Democrats are waiting for the next big IPO payday.

Barely half of Americans know the political party of their representative

Though they did slightly better than random guessing. U-S-A!

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