Mitt Romney would be president right now (if we linked electoral votes to congressional results)

But usually, the results wouldn't change.

The National Popular Vote effort, explained

The measure is now halfway to its goal of electing future presidents via the popular vote.

The Electoral College re-imagined — in 1 map

People don't like the electoral college. Here's one idea on how to change it.

The GOP’s electoral vote gambit: Reasonably popular, but doomed

A new poll shows nearly as many Americans prefer awarding votes by congressional district as prefer the winner-take-all method. But that doesn't mean the GOP effort can or will work.

The GOP’s electoral vote problem — and 4 ways to fix it

Republicans haven't broken 300 electoral votes in 25 years. Here's how they can.

The GOP launches its big electoral vote gambit

Virginia is the first state to move on changing how it awards electoral votes. Here's what that would mean.

The huge importance of how states award electoral votes — in one chart

If all 50 states awarded electoral votes by congressional district, Mitt Romney would be president, Richard Nixon would have beat John F. Kennedy, and Gerald Ford would have tied Jimmy Carter.

The GOP’s big electoral vote gambit, explained

What you need to know about the GOP effort to award electoral votes by congressional district.

Republicans’ 2016 problem — in 2 charts

If historical trends hold, it could be a tough 2016 and 2020 for Republicans.

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