A report says immigrants will account for 82 percent of U.S. growth by 2060. That’s misleading.

There's a big caveat.

Where America’s undocumented immigrants work

Fewer in construction and production; more in professional jobs.

Do people want to stop Obama’s immigration move? Yes. And no.

It depends on how you ask.

People like Obama’s immigration action. They also think he shouldn’t have done it.

The ends versus the means.

Obama’s immigration executive action is less popular with Hispanics than you think

42 percent of U.S.-born Hispanics oppose it.

Watch President Obama get a little testy over his immigration record

Lingering tensions dog Obama.

Hispanic approval of President Obama surges following immigration announcement

Approval among Hispanics is back at post-election levels.

More than a third of Americans think illegal immigrants can’t stay

A new Quinnipiac poll shows hardening attitudes along partisan lines.

Where people who got green cards in 2013 came from

By country and continent of birth.

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