How Republicans have attacked Obama’s inaugural address, and what it means

What some high-profile Republicans are signaling in their pushback to the president's second inaugural address.

Stephen Colbert searches for meaning in the Beyonce lip-syncing controversy (VIDEO)

"It is now official. Jay-Z officially has 100 problems."

Two inauguration day videos you shouldn’t miss

Two stories about inauguration day in D.C. you shouldn't miss.

President Obama’s second inauguration — in 12 photos

President Obama's second inauguration as told through pictures.

The most important paragraph of President Obama’s second inaugural address

In the space of five sentences, President Obama laid out his second term vision in his second inaugural address

Obama adds climate change to lengthy to-do list

The issue is no less difficult than anything else on Obama's ambitious list of priorities.

The President liberals were waiting for is (finally) here

Distill Obama's speech to a single sentence and that sentence is: "I'm the president, deal with it."

President Obama’s second inaugural address, by the numbers

How long was the president's second inaugural address? And how many times did he say "We, the people"?

The Fix’s inauguration day playlist

A soundtrack for President Obama's second inauguration

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