In football, America loves a winner — and a runner-up

Which maybe explains Romney's poll numbers.

How big is Mitt Romney’s California house? Here, compare it to yours.

An interactive tool to measure house inequality.

In light of his mention of Romney 2012, let’s revisit some of Rupert Murdoch’s past predictions

Euro collapse, Chinese revolution, and the success of Google Glass.

Mitt Romney fans focus on what he got right in 2012. He also got plenty wrong.

A review of Romney's predictions for Obama's second term.

The public is more interested in Mitt Romney’s 2016 prospects than the media

Which might not be what you'd expect.

Mitt Romney didn’t declare a party on his Utah voter registration form. Intrigue!

But not really.

What’s the optimal number of times to run for president? Two. Or four.

Or: A brief history of candidates who try and try again.

That time a guy ran into Mitt Romney in a Utah parking lot

"We knew we would see some cool stuff while visiting Utah, but a wild Mitt spotting could not have been anticipated."

It’s official: Americans say Mitt Romney was pretty much right about Russia

A poll shows Americans now see Russia as the biggest threat to the United States.

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