Who was Bob Perry?

The man who funded the "Swift Boat" ads in 2004 and gave Mitt Romney a big boost in 2012 died at the age of 80 over the weekend.

Mitt Romney was right (on taxes)

People think you should try to pay the lowest tax rate possible. Unless you are a politician, that is.

By Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan April 15, 2013

The next Romney

A look at who is most likely to pick up where Mitt left off and run for political office.

Mitt Romney is back. But he never really left.

The 2012 GOP presidential nominee is back in the nation's capital today. Even as he's kept a low profile since the election, it feels in some ways like he never left, with former allies and opponents alike bringing him up in a less than flattering context.

By Sean Sullivan and Aaron Blake January 25, 2013