Rubio just caught Jeb in a new Florida poll. Don’t start planning the inaugural just yet.

A very different question leads to a very different result.

More Republicans oppose Jeb Bush than support him. But it’s early.

Most people don't have any opinion at all.

Jewish voters have turned against Obama more than most. But what about everyone else?

A better metric of Obama support.

Is Hillary Clinton fading in 2016? Sort of.

2016 polls are all about Clinton so far.

DC: Harry Reid is retiring! America: Who is Larry Reed?

In polling, large numbers of Americans seem not to know who Harry Reid is.

The 2016 GOP presidential race, broken down into 5 ‘lanes’

The segmentation of the GOP, and who each segment prefers.

Democrats are NOT expecting to enjoy 2015 as much as 2014

A Pew Research Center poll shows that liberals are not looking forward to 2015.

How much attention should you pay to 2016 polling? Keep an eye on the frontrunner.

Five of seven recent popular vote winners were predicted after the midterms.

A brief history of politicians claiming that the polls were wrong

In one case, the politician was correct. One.

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