The 5 things you need to know about Beau Biden

What you need to know about the 2016 candidate for governor.

Meet Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer, no stranger to national controversy

From signing a controversial immigration law to her claims about headless bodies, Brewer has caught the nation's attention before.

Cory Booker: Man of mystery

Precisely what kind of senator would Cory Booker be? The jury is still out.

Six things to know about Joe Biden

So will Biden run in 2016? "We'll see where the hell I am," he tells GQ.

How the immigration bill explains the Senate, in 10 anecdotes

Who convinced Rubio to join the gang and why did he agree? And what did Leahy do that irked Schumer? The answers can be found in a new New Yorker profile.

Who is Eric Garcetti?

Meet Los Angeles's next mayor.

Meet Jean Stothert, Omaha’s first elected woman mayor

The former nurse and city councilwoman made history on Tuesday.

Meet the billionaire hedge fund manager quietly shaping the GOP gay marriage debate

One of the most important players in the battle over same-sex marriage in the Republican Party is Paul E. Singer, a billionaire largely unknown to those who don't work in finance or mix with political mega-donors.

Roger Wicker, 101

The senator who was all over the headlines after a letter addressed to him initially tested positive for ricin is not one of the Senate's high-profile members.

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