Bernie Sanders outraised the top presidential candidates on his first day. So what?

It means less than you think.

Rand Paul paid $100,000 for his domain. What other domains cost that much?

And: Why did he have to pay, anyway?

Rand Paul cites a ‘lack of fathers’ in Baltimore. Here’s what the data actually show.

A look at the data of a long-running argument.

The tangled web of ‘Time 100′ politicians — in one chart

Rand Paul endorses the Koch brothers, you say?

People ask Google very stupid questions about 2016 candidates

America. Come on.

Here’s the tax plan that went missing from Rand Paul’s Web site

There certainly doesn't seem to be anything mysterious about it.

During his announcement, Rand Paul was raising $24 per second

But his "money bomb" wasn't as big as his dad's.

Why Rand Paul’s efforts with young voters are unlikely to carry him to the White House


Rand Paul’s slogan: One part Ron Paul, one part Republican mainstream

Defeating machines and unleashing dreams have been done before.

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