How Rudy Giuliani marginalized himself

A strange fall from credibility.

How ‘American Sniper’ changed the 2016 Republican primary

The film came at a fortuitous time.

Heritage Action: D.C.’s toughest arbiter of conservatism

At least, by their scorecard.

RNC names Katie Walsh new chief of staff

Reince Priebus puts his team in place for 2016 push.

Republicans are popular again! Sort of.

The GOP brand hits a new high.

It’s suddenly trendy to be a Republican. Here’s why.

The bandwagon effect.

Lindsey Graham was joking about white men and male-only clubs. But he probably shouldn’t.

We're all for roasts, but identity politics matter.

The GOP is promoting its female candidates in a new ad. Will they promote them within the party?

They will expand their ranks of women. But will women lead?

New campaign insists ‘Republicans Are People Too’

Vinny Minchillo wants you to know that people in the Grand Old Party also have beards and tattoos.

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