John Danforth blasted political bullying in a moving eulogy

Calling out political bullying.

Remembering Mario Cuomo

Taking to Twitter to remember the former governor and eloquent speaker.

The best speech Mario Cuomo ever gave

The New York governor's keynote speech at the 1984 Democratic National Convention.

I covered Tom Menino’s last year in office. Here’s what he taught me.

Scenes from the final year of power for Boston's "mayor for life."

The single trait that made Ben Bradlee so great


Robin Williams brought a punchline to the political fight

A political look at Robin Williams life.

What Maya Angelou wrote and said about race and politics

Remembering the poet.

7 great quotes on Jack Germond

How some of the country's most famous journalists memorialized Jack Germond.

Remembering Tim Russert, 5 years later

Tim Russert died five years ago today. I didn't know Tim well -- I had been on "Meet the Press" twice and done his cable show with Chuck Todd a few times. (For a tribute to Tim from someone who knew him very well, make sure to read "Meet the Press" executive producer Betsy Fischer […]

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