Senate Democrats got 20 million more votes than Senate Republicans. Which means basically nothing.

What's that saying about statistics and lies?

Mary Landrieu’s seat will be held by a Republican for the first time in 132 years

A look at how the South has changed.

In nearly every race, Republican Senate candidates outperformed the polls

On average, the GOP's Senate candidates did 4.6 points better than poll averages.

Mary Landrieu just replaced her campaign manager. That doesn’t necessarily mean she’ll lose.

A look at what happens when campaigns lose their top staffers.

Why losing the Senate could help make President Obama’s last two years more productive

Split governments have seen the most legislation since 1973.

Why Pat Roberts is in big trouble — in 2 graphs

People have largely made up their minds about him.

Why business experience isn’t always a political asset, in 12 David Perdue quotes

The sausage-making of the business world is not helpful to campaigns.

Watch the Senate’s ideological middle vanish over the last two decades

A breakdown of the Senate's ideological divide.

Spoiler for the rest of the 2014 election: Some members of Congress live in D.C.

Attacks on how much time senators spend in their states are all but meaningless.

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