Politics: more popular than popular music, less than football, the same as movies

At least according to Nielsen.

In 1980, more people watched a presidential debate than the Super Bowl. Not anymore.

Football rules all.

The first mentions of technological innovations in State of the Union messages, catalogued

The first? John Quincy Adams.

Viewers loved Obama’s speech! That means very little.

It's called self-selection.

The most common questions Googled during the State of the Union, answered

Only 12 hours later!

Obama’s State of the Union, translated

Here's what he really meant.

The White House wins the battle for the second screen by a mile

The media-savvy administration was prepared.

Biden and Boehner: The State of the Union’s personal peanut gallery

Were you paying attention to the speech, or just those making faces in the background?

How did Obama do on his 2014 State of the Union goals? Not so well.

Surprise! Congress didn't really comply.

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