The sequester in a word? “Bad.” Also, “good.”

People hate the sequester. Except if you love it.

  • Chris Cillizza and Sean Sullivan
  • ·
  • Mar 4, 2013

Ashley Judd asks: ‘Is there an elephant in the room?’

The actress didn't say anything in a Washington speech about whether she will run for the Senate or not. But she did get some laughs when she asked if there was an "elephant in the room."

Club for Growth president: Karl Rove doesn’t care about ‘core beliefs’ candidates hold

Chris Chocola says that that Karl Rove is only concerned with the GOP brand.

Jay Leno imagines a sequestration musical (VIDEO)

And the Oscar for most dramatic Washington performance goes to...

Who’s afraid of the big bad sequester? Not most people.

What a Kirsten Dunst movie has in common with the way many Americans feel about sequestration.

  • Sean Sullivan and Aaron Blake
  • ·
  • Feb 28, 2013

Arne Duncan: Thousands of teachers could lose their jobs as result of sequester

"As many of 40,000 teachers could lose their jobs," the education secretary said.

Sen. Tom Coburn: Obama ‘absolutely’ exaggerating impact of sequester

The sequester isn't a good idea, but the impact of the cuts is being overstated by the White House, the Republican senator argued.

Sen. John McCain: ‘Shame on Ray LaHood’

The Republican senator pushed back against the transportation secretary's criticism of congressional Republicans over the sequester, arguing the White House is to blame for the idea in the first place.

McDonough: ‘We’ve not given up’ on averting sequester

With a deadline coming soon, the president has not given up hope that deep spending cuts known as the sequester can be averted, his chief of staff said.

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