Karl Rove tried to prove that conservative turnout was up in 2012. He missed a key point.

It's a point that might bolster the arguments of those Rove probably hopes won't win in 2016.

Young people vote less often, but it’s not quite so simple

Graphing turnout data by age and race.

President Obama’s right: Americans vote far less than people in other countries

In part, there's a split along racial lines, as well.

Turnout in Los Angeles’ city elections was terrible. That’s, sadly, nothing new.

But the people who bothered to vote voted to change that.

One key factor explaining voter registration differences by state: Ethnicity

Hispanic registration rates create an uneven national map.

The remarkable California turnout curve

There's a steady increase in turnout as voters age.

Younger voters don’t vote as much — but 18-year olds are an exception

A look at voter data from California.

Campaigns are going to start knocking on your Facebook wall instead of your door

The state of turnout efforts in low-turnout elections.

Will Democrats’ ground game save their Senate majority? We asked an expert.

An interview with Columbia University's Donald P. Green.

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