WaPo-ABC tracking poll: final weekend tally is Obama 50, Romney 47, still a ‘margin of error’ contest

Obama hits 50 percent after his single best day of interviews in 18 days of tracking polls

  • Jon Cohen, Peyton M. Craighill and Scott Clement
  • ·
  • Nov 5, 2012

Washington Post/ABC News poll: The good news for Obama

Four reasons for optimism for the Obama campaign from the first Washington Post-ABC News tracking poll.

Partisans line up behind their candidates as election nears

New post-debate favorability ratings for Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

  • Jon Cohen and Peyton M. Craighill
  • ·
  • Oct 9, 2012

Most are negative about Mitt Romney’s “47 percent” comments

The GOP's "47 percent" comments didn't go over very well.

  • Jon Cohen
  • ·
  • Sep 26, 2012

RNC boosts Romney among the GOP women

Republican women boost Romney's favorability in new WaPo-ABC poll.

  • Jon Cohen and Scott Clement
  • ·
  • Sep 4, 2012