There are 77 women in statewide executive office, but only five governors. Why?

There is no clear pipeline.

Women candidates have some advantages over men. But ‘likability’ remains a hurdle.

A new study shows how powerful women are viewed differently.

Nancy Pelosi just lectured us about sexism and politics. Somebody had to.

Pelosi, unbound.

‘Walmart Moms’ think America is in the ‘crapper’

This cycle's much coveted demographic is fed-up with politics and afraid about the future.

Female candidates win bigger — and lose bigger — than male candidates

Yes, there are caveats.

This very strange ad tells women to dump their boyfriend Barack Obama. And to not vote for his friends. Or something.

Surely women think of President Obama as their boyfriend. So, why not make an ad just like that?

Why Democrats really, really need women to turn out this November

Women have reliably voted Democratic for ages -- something the party would like to continue.

Prominent women’s activists launch new economic initiative

Ambitious new campaign aims to make women's economic prosperity as important to politicians as immigration reform.

D.C. women get equal pay — unless they head a trade group

Female heads of trade associations face a major gender wage gap.

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