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Posted at 11:27 AM ET, 06/15/2011

Fairfax County tops the nation in male life expectancy

Madison Fox, 24, of Annandale flips a tractor tire as part of the Capital Classic Strongman Challenge at CrossFit Gym in Reston. We’re gonna live so long we’ve got time to flip tires. (By Shamus Ian Fatzinger/Fairfax County Times)
Have a cigar, you’re gonna go far, men of Fairfax County. Oh that’s right, you don’t smoke. Maybe that’s why you have the longest average life expectancy of all men in the entire U.S. of A., according to a new county-by-county study released Wednesday by the Institute of Health Metrics and Evaluation at the University of Washington.

While things aren’t looking so hot for much of the rest of the country, and even the rest of Virginia, according to this article by The Post’s David Brown, males in Fairfax County on average are living 81.1 years, and females are living 83.8 years. Because women live longer, Fairfax is not the top-rated female county; that would be Collier County, Fla., on Florida’s west coast, at an average of 86 years. Montgomery County’s women, at 84.5 years of life, are near the top.

Here are the stats for NoVa:

Alexandria: 78.3 years for men; 83.6 for women.

Arlington: 79.7 years for men; 83.3 for women.

Fairfax County: 81.1 years for men; 83.8 for women.

Fairfax City: 76.6 years for men; 82.1 for women.

Falls Church: 79.7 years for men; 83.3 for women.

Loudoun: 79 years for men; 82.2 for women.

Prince William: 77.5 years for men; 81.6 for women.


D.C.: 71.6 years for men; 78.5 for women.

Montgomery: 80.7 years for men; 84.5 for women.

Prince George’s: 73.5 years for men; 79.2 for women.

Here’s The Post’s very fun interactive graphic

Here’s the home page for the actual study, which discusses how the United States is actually falling behind other industrialized countries in life expectancy. But here in NoVa? We’re gonna fly high, we’re never gonna die. At least for 81.1 years in Fairfax, on average. Your results may vary.

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