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Apple’s iPhone event (live updates)

(Photo by Justin Sullivan  )

(Photo by Justin Sullivan)

Apple fans everywhere are holding their breath today ahead of what’s widely expected to be the launch of at least one new smartphone.

Follow along here to get news about the event as it happens. We’ll be rounding up reports from across the Web and injecting analysis to explain what’s coming out of the company’s Cupertino headquarters this afternoon.

To get caught up, check out our recent coverage of the tech giant, including where Apple  stands in the global marketplace and why this even is an all-important launch for Apple in Asia:

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Apple to introduce kid-only App Store category, developers say

Apple’s event has yet to start, but some announcements are already starting to dribble out. A release from the  app developer industry group, the Association for Competitive Technology, reports that the company is introducing a “Kids App Store”  category along with the official launch of its next mobile operating system, iOS 7.

Members of the ACT and the parenting organization Moms With Apps have worked together to introduce their own program, Know What’s Inside, that signals to parents which apps are kid-friendly. Some of these apps, the group said, are included in the new Kids category in the App Store.

They are: a storytelling app called InfiniScroll, a math and programming-focused app called Move the Turtle and a mathematics app called Symmetry School.

Screengrab from ACT4Apps, by Hayley Tsukayama

Screengrab from ACT4Apps, by Hayley Tsukayama

Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:05 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:05 pm

Tim Cook takes the stage

Apple Expected To Introduce New iPhone At Product Launch

Apple CEO Tim Cook takes the stage. (Photo by Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

CNET reports  that Apple chief executive Tim Cook is on the stage,  welcoming the crowd to the event.

As if anyone needed extra evidence that Apple is looking to make a bigger international move, Cook says that this event is being shared with users in Beijing, Berlin and Tokyo.

Apple is expected to confirm Tuesday that they have signed up deals with major carrier partners around the world, including DoCoMo in Japan, and China Mobile, the largest mobile carrier in one of Apple’s most important Asian markets — China.

Cook is also talking up the ongoing iTunes Festival,  from Sept. 1-30,  in London. CNET reports that 20 million people tried to get tickets to the event.


Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:07 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:07 pm

Apple launch draws prominent tech execs, Jobs's widow

All Things Digital reports that Apple’s event is well-attended with some of the top names in the technology world, including Yahoo chief executive Marissa Mayer and Apple board member Al Gore.

Reports also say some executives from Facebook and Twitter are there, too. Apple-focused blogger Jon Gruber also reports that the the widow of Apple’s co-founder Steve Jobs, Laurene Powell Jobs, is in attendance.


Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:10 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:10 pm

Apple moves on to talking about iOS 7

Apple Expected To Introduce New iPhone At Product Launch

Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple reports that, in the race to 1 billion, the company has now seen 700  million iOS device activations.

Craig Federighi, the company’s lead executive for iOS and Mac OS, is on stage recapping announcements about iOS 7, which the company introduced in June.

Mashable reports that Federighi is showing off features such as the new control and notifications center and one that will learn users’ commutes and computes trips based on traffic conditions.

These features are all similar to ones already available from Google and its mobile operating system, Android, which has been moving to offer more recommendations for travelers, rather than simply information. Apple will, however, integrate the Siri personal assistant software into search, adding more functionality to one of the iPhone’s central features.

Federighi is also discussing updates to the phone’s camera software, such as the ability to group photos and controls that let you swipe between the camera’s video, still, panorama and new square-cropping modes.

Apple has said iOS 7 will be coming this fall, but has yet to confirm a launch date.

Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:19 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:19 pm

iOS 7: Music app, iTunes Radio and a release date

Apple Expected To Introduce New iPhone At Product Launch

Senior Vice President of Software Engineering Craig Federighi talks about iOS 7. Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

Apple is revisiting one of the most-anticipated features of iOS 7, iTunes Music. There’s little new to say about this Pandora-like feature, which was also announced during the Worldwide Developers Conference.

But Apple’s folks are zipping quickly through these recaps. CNET reported that Federighi, has said that downloading iOS 7 is like “getting a whole new device.”

And, finally, Apple fans have a release date for the new iOS. The update is set to drop on Sept. 18, Federighi said.


Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:22 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:22 pm

The big moment -- moving on to the iPhone

Cook is now talking about the iPhone 5 and its performance — a surefire sign that he’s getting ready to announce updates.

Mashable reports that the company is replacing the iPhone 5 with two new versions, including a less expensive iPhone 5C. That phone will be available in several different colors and has a polycarbonate back. It comes in green, gray, light blue, pink and yellow.

Slate’s Farhad Manjoo reports that Apple promises the case will not have seams or joints and that iOS 7 colors will match the color of the hardware. Manjoo also reports that it will sport the A6 chip, a slightly larger battery than the previous iPhone and has the same camera as the iPhone 5.

Apple’s decision to replace the iPhone 5 with the 5C and another model means that the current iPhone 5 will not get a price discount, as past older versions have been.



Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:31 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:31 pm

iPhone 5C prices

Apple Expected To Introduce New iPhone At Product Launch

Apple Senior Vice President of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller talks about the iPhone 5C. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

The iPhone 5C will cost $99 for 16 GB on a two-year contract and $199 for 32 GB — essentially the same price points that Apple used to offer for its older phones.

Cases for the phone, by the way, will be $29, All Things Digital reports.

Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:32 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:32 pm

Apple's iPhone 5C is a play for a wider market

The five colors of the new iPhone 5C are seen on screen at Apple Inc's media event in Cupertino

The five colors of the new iPhone 5C. Stephen Lam/Reuters

Apple’s iPhone 5C, the firm’s response to competition from cheaper smartphones for developing markets and the more price-conscious, replaces the company’s old strategy of simply discounting older phones.

The company’s design guru, Jony Ive, is saying in a promotional video that the phone is “beautifully, unapologetically plastic.”

The phone does have a steel frame, Mashable reports, so Apple is keeping to its mission of offering quality products by trying to differentiate itself from other smartphone makers who have embraced the plastic body but have been criticized for making phones that feel cheap or insubstantial.

The plastic phone  puts a more durable version of the iPhone on the market — which should be good news for iPhone users suffering from a case of butter fingers.

As for specs, the company is saying that it the phone will have graphics on par with gaming consoles.

Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:40 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:40 pm

And here comes the new iPhone 5S

Apple Event

AP Photo/Marcio Jose Sanchez

Apple has now turned its attention to the new iPhone 5S, which — yes — will come in a gold-toned hue.

The company is calling it the most forward-thinking smartphone ever made, though that’s ultimately for consumers to determine.

According to Manjoo at Slate, the phone will have a 64 bit, A7 chip — the first ever in a mobile phone.

Attendees at the event also say that the home button looks different, but the company has yet to announce whether it added a rumored fingerprint sensor.




Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:42 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:42 pm

Apple says iPhone 5S is "desktop class"

Apple is taking its time in touting the iPhone 5S as high-performance — on a same class as a desktop, Schiller says.

At the Loop’s Jim Dalrymple reports that the company is welcoming Epic Games, maker of the game-powering Unreal Engine,  onstage to show off the phone’s processing power. Epic is also announcing Infinity Blade 3, the latest title in a series of games that are often used in demos to show continuing evolution of the processing power on mobile devices.



Hayley Tsukayama
September 10, 1:46 pm
  • Hayley Tsukayama September 10, 1:46 pm
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