After Comcast’s failed bid, Charter wants to give Time Warner Cable another try

Now that Comcast is out of the picture, officials at Charter are considering making another offer to TWC.

Why reddit decided to put Armenia front and center on Friday

Reddit's co-founder on his Armenian heritage, the importance of the word "genocide," and Armenia's future as a tech hub.

Comcast chief’s last-minute pleas to a former ally fell on deaf ears

The inside story of how Washington killed a $45 billion merger.

The FCC chairman is a former cable lobbyist. And he just helped kill the Comcast merger.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler has repeatedly shown he isn't afraid to battle his former industry allies.

Google’s sorry that this crudely offensive image of the Apple logo turned up in Maps

Google blames user-generated content for the issue.

The rise of Amazon Web Services

Fast-growing cloud unit releases numbers, and says Washington has always been part of the plan.

And it’s official: Comcast has announced the Time Warner Cable deal is no more

The company says it's time to move on.

Has Apple botched the launch of the Watch?

Apple's efforts to broaden its base could alienate its most faithful customers -- those more concerned with gadgetry than pageantry.

Cablevision actually wants you to cut the cord

Here’s where the presidential candidates stand on the NSA scooping up Americans’ phone records

Clinton is the most elusive of the declared candidates when it comes to the NSA's domestic phone record collection program.

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