Google has a new tactic for fighting patent trolls: Buying the patents first.

Have patents? Google may want to buy them.

Apple’s amazing quarter: It raised prices and gained more customers

Apple's quarter again defies expectation. It raises prices and gains more customers. Can this company do no wrong?

E-mail is incredibly insecure. Here’s why the president should still use it.

Presidential e-mail could be a powerful historical record.

ESPN sues Verizon over skinnier, cheaper cable offerings

As the cable bundle begins to break, lawsuits fly.

An example of how shopping could work on the Apple Watch

J.C. Penney has built one of the first shopping apps for the new device. Here's an exclusive look at how it works.

Minecraft is finally fixing its huge gender problem

The massively popular kids' game and teaching tool only let players explore and create as a boy.

GameStop, desperate for extra lives, seeks to sell old video games

Would you buy a Super Nintendo? You might be GameStop’s saving grace.

After Comcast’s failed bid, Charter wants to give Time Warner Cable another try

Now that Comcast is out of the picture, officials at Charter are considering making another offer to TWC.

Why reddit decided to put Armenia front and center on Friday

Reddit's co-founder on his Armenian heritage, the importance of the word "genocide," and Armenia's future as a tech hub.

Comcast chief’s last-minute pleas to a former ally fell on deaf ears

The inside story of how Washington killed a $45 billion merger.

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