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Andrea Peterson, Timothy B. Lee, and Brian Fung. (David Cho/Washington Post)

Andrea Peterson, Timothy B. Lee and Brian Fung. (David Cho/Washington Post)

Covering tech policy is hard. People who know a lot about technology tend not to be policy experts. Conversely, computer programmers are few and far between here in Washington D.C. There are lots of publications who do a good job of covering either technology or public policy, but few do both well.

The Switch aims to bridge that gap, making the policy process accessible to technologists, while helping policy professionals gain a deeper understanding of technology. Every week, we'll report on what's happening on Capitol Hill, at the FCC and elsewhere in Washington, while we also keep you up to date on the latest gadgets, technological breakthroughs and security exploits.

For our regular contributors, tech policy isn't just a beat, but a passion. I just barely missed joining Slashdot early enough to have a four-digit User ID, and I've been writing about technology and public policy ever since. I'll be writing about patent and copyright law, telecom regulation and emerging technologies.

Brian Fung comes to The Washington Post via National Journal and the Atlantic, where he covered technology and foreign affairs. His appreciation for "Star Trek" stems from a childhood love for trains — as a schoolkid, he was convinced that the show's name was "Star Track." By the time he realized his mistake, he was hooked. He'll be focusing on electronic privacy, national security and digital politics.

Andrea Peterson joins us from Think Progress. She fondly remembers lying about her age to free e-mail hosting services Geocities and Lycos to avoid the restrictions of the Children's Online Privacy Protection Act so she could craft her own html-based Web sites. She looks forward to writing about computer security, government transparency and her favorite video games.

We'll also be featuring content from the other excellent technology reporters at the Post. Hayley Tsukayama will be writing a regular column about the video game industry. And watch for contributions from Post reporters Cecilia Kang and Craig Timberg.

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