The White House’s draft of a consumer privacy bill is out — and even the FTC is worried

The White House's consumer privacy bill of rights draft is already facing growing criticism.

The FCC’s net neutrality decision could mean stronger privacy rules for Internet service providers

The decision will move privacy oversight of the ISPs from the FTC to the FCC.

President Obama: “I loved Spock.”

The President misses Leonard Nimoy, too.

Leonard Nimoy’s struggle with being Spock

The story of how the iconic actor struggled with his most famous character.

The Switchboard: The FCC approved its net neutrality rules. Now, what’s next?

Your morning helping of handpicked stories from The Switch team.

Security firm finds link between China and Anthem hack

Malicious software used in the Anthem hack conclusively matches malware that was used to target a small U.S. defense contractor, according to ThreatConnect.

There’s already a conspiracy theory brewing over net neutrality

Conservatives convinced of a cover-up are demanding to see the full regulations now.

The FCC approves strong net neutrality rules

But the politically divisive decision is sure to inspire a lawsuit.

Twitter rolls out a few more anti-abuse measures

Twitter has made it a little easier to submit reports on impersonation, self-harm and leaks of personal information on its site.

President Obama to reddit: Thanks for your help on net neutrality

President Obama sent a handwritten thank-you note to redditors for supporting net neutrality.

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