Jury finds no gender discrimination against Ellen Pao in case that captivated Silicon Valley

A major gender discrimination case

Someone hijacked the Google of China to attack anti-censorship tools

Baidu's Web tools apparently were used to attack methods for skirting online censorship in China.

Harry Reid’s retirement could give tech companies a huge leg up in the Senate

Chuck Schumer could soon be the most powerful Democrat in the Senate. That's great news for tech.

The Switchboard: Salesforce CEO Benioff protests Indiana ‘religious freedom’ law

Today's tech news.

The vicious funding cycle that makes it hard for women to compete in tech

As explained by Ellen Pao's ex-boss.

How Periscope is already helping politicians kill the press conference

Lawmakers are already testing out Twitter's new tool that lets you livestream your own video feed.

HTC One vs. Galaxy S6: What’s the difference?

Samsung and HTC are headed for a serious Android smartphone showdown

Bankrupt RadioShack wants to sell off user data. But the bigger risk is if a Facebook or Google goes bust.

Tech companies are collecting a lot of data about you. What happens if they go bankrupt?

How to end a fight over who should regulate Internet providers

Federal officials are weighing an end to the Federal Trade Commission's legal prohibition on regulating Internet providers and telecom companies.

The Switchboard: Why Europe says you shouldn’t use Facebook

Your morning helping of hand-picked stories from the Switch team.

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