The FTC wants to know how companies are tracking you across computers and smartphones

The government's de facto online privacy watchdog will look into cross-device tracking.

‘Rock Band’ is coming back this year

"Rock Band" is coming back, which means you'll have a game to actually play in the same room as your friends again.

This new GOP bill would completely gut the FCC’s net neutrality rules

But it also complicates efforts to arrive at a bipartisan compromise.

The Switchboard: Clinton says she’ll release her e-mail

Your morning helping of hand-picked stories from the Switch team.

Netflix tries to explain its apparent sudden flip-flop on net neutrality

The company has come under fire for striking a controversial deal in Australia. Now its CFO is giving Netflix an even bigger headache.

Uber is putting tablets for kids in hundreds of cars in the D.C. area

Nabi 2 tablets are a new feature for Uber Family cars -- but only in the DMV.

Why Google couldn’t live up to its mobile security promise

Blame market fragmentation.

The Switchboard: Clinton’s private e-mail helped thwart FOIA requests

Your morning helping of hand-picked stories from the Switch team.

Clinton may not have sent classified e-mail from her personal account. But that may not matter.

Unclassified communications can still be sensitive.

Obama is upset that China wants tech companies to undermine their own security

Obama finally comes out against backdoors in encryption — if China can access them.

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