You can’t buy these 3-D printed Final Fantasy figures anymore because copyright.

August 20, 2013

Look at these cools things you can never own now! (Credit: Shapeways)

So, digital artist Joaquin Baldwin designed these 3-D printed, nostalgia-inducing figurines of Final Fantasy VII characters and started selling them via Shapeways -- an online marketplace for user-designed, 3-D printed merchandise.

But if you didn't already buy one, you're out of luck. Cnet reported Friday that Final Fantasy VII's developer, Square-Enix, put the kibosh on the figures by sending a copyright takedown notice to Shapeways.

That's not particularly surprising. Despite the game being some 17 years old, Final Fantasy VII is still a substantial brand with multiple game spin-offs, an animated movie and -- of course -- it's own merchandising. But it does show that 3-D printing is already on the radar of copyright holders.

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