Thousands of visitors to hit with malware attack, researchers say

Someone hijacked Yahoo's ad servers to infect users' computers with malicious software.

  • Timothy B. Lee
  • ·
  • Jan 5, 2014

Katie Couric, David Pogue, and why Yahoo wants more video content

Customers, and advertisers, are increasingly turning to digital video.

Of course Snapchat could be worth $3 billion

People laughed at Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel for turning down a $3 billion offer from Facebook. They shouldn't have.

  • Timothy B. Lee
  • ·
  • Nov 13, 2013

Who tracks the trackers that track you online? You can, with Lightbeam.

Who tracks the trackers? You can, with Mozilla's new tool.

This snack-food corporation has a creepy plan to watch you in the grocery store

And it involves using Microsoft's Kinect sensor to make you buy more Oreos.

The unprofitability of the news business is a sign of success, not failure

Online ads don't generate very much revenue. That's a positive sign for news consumers even if it's bad for producers.

  • Timothy B. Lee
  • ·
  • Sep 26, 2013

Is Twitter pushing advertisements to users’ phones?

Some users have complained about push notifications from advertisers like Dropbox.

The IKEA catalog scene from ‘Fight Club’ is now a real thing

The future of advertising is now.

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