The Apple Watch will help you unlock hotel rooms without a key. But is that a good idea?

Moving keyless entry to mobile devices could be like opening a "can of worms." server hacked. But HHS says no consumer information taken.

HHS accidentally connected a test server to the Internet. Then someone uploaded malware to it.

How to game security questions to make yourself safer online

Security questions aren't going anywhere yet. But you can help protect your accounts through the power of lying.

Does the White House’s cybersecurity czar need to be a coder? He says no.

Some in the cybersecurity community aren't happy about a new interview from White House cybersecurity coordinator Michael Daniel.

Secret Service estimates type of malware that led to Target breach is affecting over 1,000 U.S. businesses

The type of malware that affected Target is more widespread than previously reported, according to DHS.

Finding a safe space for kids to hack

What children and adults can learn from r00tz Aslyum.

How your cat video addiction could be used to hack you

Tools capable of network injection exploits are being sold by commercial surveillance companies, a new report claims.

Why one of cybersecurity’s thought leaders uses a pager instead of a smart phone

A Q&A with Dan Geer.

Why was the Black Hat talk on Tor de-anonymization mysteriously canceled?

Questions remain about a talk now pulled talk that purported to demonstrate a way to deanonymize Tor users at Black Hat USA.

StubHub wasn’t hacked. But its users were.

The StubHub "hack" didn't actually compromise the ticket reseller's networks.

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