Facebook’s security chief on the Snowden effect, the Messenger app backlash and staying optimistic

A Q&A with Facebook CSO Joe Sullivan.

Facebook ups privacy for new users, by default

Facebook increased the level of privacy for new users, making posts visible only to friends by default. Existing users also gain some new privacy features.

Confused by Facebook privacy settings? So is the Supreme Court.

Chief Justice John Roberts doesn't quite seem to get it.

Facebook gets approval for Oculus deal ahead of earnings report

Facebook earnings are expected to show steady growth where it matters -- in advertising.

Facebook to strip messaging out of its main app

Facebook is moving all its messaging to a separate app

Does the Oculus deal prove Kickstarter is no longer a place for underdogs?

Facebook says states shouldn’t regulate online teen privacy. The FTC disagrees.

The FTC says that Facebook misinterpreted a key childrens' privacy law in court arguments.

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg: Washington is ‘a threat’ to the Internet

The Facebook CEO is lashing out at government surveillance.

Brady campaign: Facebook ‘fell short’ of competitors on gun control

Facebook announced steps this week to crack down on groups using its site to sell guns, but the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence says it missed the bar.

Facebook to crack down on gun vendors

Facebook has introduced a policy to stop illegal gun sales on its main social network and Instagram

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