WILDCHOCOBO: Evidence of Final Fantasy fans at the NSA?

Potential proof that some NSA programs are named by video game nerds.

The guy behind ‘Full Screen Mario’ thinks Nintendo’s ‘Mario Maker’ looks suspiciously familiar

Josh Goldberg thinks Nintendo may have gotten some inspiration from his viral hit when developing their new game.

Valve’s biggest ‘Steam Machine’ partner is launching its system with Windows.

Alienware's "Steam Machine" will launch with Windows 8.1 and an Xbox 360 controller.

Sony shows off larger entertainment ambitions in E3 keynote

Sony took some time out of its gaming keynote to tip its ambitions for a wider media and entertainment play.

Wil Wheaton on his new show, dealing with depression and why he dislikes interviews

A Q&A with Wil Wheaton.

How video games prepared Edward Snowden to leak NSA secrets

Snowden says he learned that a lone individual could make a difference in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds.

‘Game of Thrones’ books are written on a DOS computer not connected to Internet

Martin uses the '80s word processing program WordStar 4.0 to write the epic series.

The Super Mario World/Game of Thrones video mash up you’ve been waiting for

Complete with an 8-bit cover of the Game of Thrones theme.

Are video games and libertarianism a natural fit?

Why Reason Magazine's next issue is about video games.

Nintendo says no to in-game marriage equality

The quest for #Miiquality suffers a setback.

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