Twitter loses COO as it struggles to grow userbase

Shake-up comes as stock stumbles and company struggles to pick up more users.

Why Twitter is making its profiles look like Facebook

Twitter's new profile design looks mighty familiar.

Twitter remains blocked in Turkey despite court ruling lifting ban

A court granted a stay against the Twitter ban. But the government has 30 days to comply.

How alleged social media leaks are shaping politics in Ukraine and Turkey

Turkey is trying to quiet social media leaks. In Ukraine, Russia is accused of spreading them.

What Turkish Google searches tell us about the Twitter ban

How has the Turkish Twitter ban affected local users' online behavior elsewhere?

Is the Turkish Twitter ban even legal? Experts say no.

A look at the legal background of Turkey's Twitter ban.

Tor usage in Turkey surges during Twitter ban

Turkish users can still use Tor to bypass the Twitter ban. And use is spiking.

Turkey strengthens Twitter ban, institutes IP level block

The latest on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan attempts to ban Twitter.

The White House is ‘deeply concerned’ about Turkey’s Twitter ban

The White House and the State Department weigh in.

Court documents reveal the online speech Turkey was trying to block

A defamation case against a blog and Twitter account critical of the prime minister's party appears to have contributed to the Turkish Twitter ban.

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