The first phone company to publish a transparency report isn’t AT&T or Verizon

CREDO Mobile, a left-leaning cellular company, opens up about government data requests.

Will the FCC strike down AT&T’s Sponsored Data plan?

Critics say the new offering threatens the open Internet. The nation's top federal regulator vows to watch the company closely.

How karaoke explains the wireless industry, in 1 telling quote

Bad, competitive singing finds its way to CES.

In bidding war with AT&T, T-Mobile offers new customers as much as $650

The company has offered to pay new subscribers $650 for switching — $300 more than rumors suggested.

This week proves we’re better off with four wireless carriers

New offerings from the nation's smaller carriers is good for competition.

How to get away with paying $25 a month for cellphone service

Sprint's new "Framily" plan provides a magically shrinking group rate.

Did AT&T just create a pay-for-play mobile Internet?

Three companies have agreed to start subsidizing your data usage. Here's what that means.

T-Mobile and Verizon just struck a huge spectrum deal. This map shows how it’ll affect you.

T-Mobile's new spectrum will cover 158 million Americans.

AT&T wants T-Mobile customers to switch. And it’s offering them hundreds to do it.

The move appears aimed at beating T-Mobile to a new policy of paying for switchers' early termination fees.

T-Mobile might pay you to switch carriers. Here’s what happened when Europe tried it.

T-Mobile might offer to cover your early termination fees, rumors suggest. Is there a lesson to be found among European carriers?

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