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Posted at 01:06 PM ET, 04/12/2012

BWI Airport gets a facelift

It's opening day at Nats Park. This means there will likely be many drunks roaming the Green Line at some point this afternoon. Safety first, kids.

Passengers walk through the security line on November 24, 2010 at BWI Airport in Baltimore, Md. (Ricky Carioti - WASHINGTON POST)
It appears BWI Airport is moving on up in the world. There was a time when if you said those three letters, people would get a sour, awkward look on their face. But, the place has now cemented itself as a great Washington-area option for flying. A new, larger jet is joining Southwest's fleet, and the hub is likely to experience a mini-boom of new passengers. The Post's Ashley Halsey III explains why BWI is "no longer the stepchild of the region’s three major airports."

There's a long-standing myth in D.C. that no building can be taller than the Capitol. Technically, that's not exactly true, but the point is that height restrictions are part of the city. Business owners say the restrictions hinder the city's ability to grow, but preservationists say the low-slung nature of this town is what gives it its charm. Now, Congress and Mayor Vincent Gray are getting together to see if some of the rules can be relaxed for the greater good. The Post's Tim Craig reports.

When George Zimmerman was charged with second-degree murder Wednesday, it was a newsroom moment. One of those when all the TVs are are going full blast and everyone is watching and talking about the same thing. On Tuesday, Zimmerman's lawyers had dropped him, saying they didn't know where he was. And now that he's in jail, even some Trayvon Martin supporters wonder how Zimmerman feels. Slate's Brian Palmer examines how one psychologically gets over killing a man.

It'll be a long day in Metroland. Various committees on the board of directors are meeting to discuss potential fare hikes, an apparently shrinking deficit and anything else related to the transit agency's next budget. So while the issues that surround the Silver Line are up in the air — mainly, who's going to pay for it — the brass at WMATA have to find a way to pump more money out of you, the customer. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth is live-tweeting the proceedings.

The Capitals finally get their quest for Lord Stanley's glorious cup underway tonight. If you ask any pundits, they'll tell you that the odds are not in the good guys' favor and that the defending champion Boston Bruins could easily cruise past them on their way to the second round. I will not be disagreeing with any of those people. To put it plainly, the goalie situation is a nightmare, which does not bode well. The Post's Katie Carrera has a more complete breakdown.

Extra Bites

• There are so many movies at FilmFest DC that I want to see that it's creating a bit of a problem. I can't decide. If you want to pick based on pictures alone, here's a gallery of the different movies that will be featured.

• Do you know how cool Axl Rose is? I don't think you do. He's one of those guys who even when he's inducted into the Rock Hall of Fame is too cool to show.

• It seems that Bobbi Kristina may be getting a reality show. God help us all.

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By  |  01:06 PM ET, 04/12/2012

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