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Posted at 01:08 PM ET, 12/21/2011

D.C. council cleans up act

From what the Twitterbox tells me, the militant social justice hip-hop group Dead Prez was supposed to perform at the Occupy D.C. camp this morning. Simple question: What took them so long?

The D.C. Council made its best attempt to put some teeth into its ethics laws Tuesday. The gang of 13 approved measures that for the first time allow members to impeach one of their own. Mayor Gray is expected to sign the legislation, which passed with one dissenting vote. That came from Ward 6's Tommy Wells, who contends it doesn't go far enough, The Post's Tim Craig reports. Also, the quote of the year from Marion Barry: "There has not been a history of corruption and pay to play in this government at all."

Dar Maxwell of Silver Spring holds her lost IPod shuffle that was found and returned by Washington Post producer Ryan Kellett at The Washington Post on December 20, 2011 in Washington, D.C. (Ricky Carioti - WASHINGTON POST)
If someone found my iPod, there's no way they'd know it was mine . I don't keep copious amounts of music on it, just the new releasesand podcasts I care to listen to for that week. Then again, that might be a dead giveaway. So when The Post's Howard Schneider found a pink iPod shuffle on Sligo Creek Parkway recently, he decided to post the playlist online and let people guess who the owner might be. Then, a colleague did a little tricky digital snooping and found the owner. What a nice little holiday story.

I can remember Hot Shoppes like it was yesterday . Among many, there was one at Wisconsin Avenue and Old Georgetown Road, believe it or not, and another in Wheaton Plaza. They were full of elderly folks all the time. My high school hoops coach would tell me that back in the day, Hot Shoppes was where everyone used to go to hang out and show off their cars, a fact that always made me laugh. Now, apparently, a new Marriott hotel is bringing it back. DePost's Mike DeBonis reports on the restaurant's revival.

Gift-giving is always a tricky task . Depending on who you choose to associate with, the economics of the holiday season can be quite complicated. I personally prefer to lift part of this burden by insisting that no one I know get me anything at all — a stance well appreciated by friends and family. But there are people that actually study this art for a living. Slate's Matthew Yglesias provides the economist’s guide to giving Christmas presents that people actually want.

The Capitals played one of their strongest games of the season last night . They put a few things together offensively, the so-called Big 3 (Ovechkin, Semin and Backstrom) all got in the scoring column and they managed to stop a streaking Predators team at home. On a more personal note, before the game, Mike Knuble was honored for skating in his 1,000th NHL game. It was a nice moment. The 4-1 win moves the team to 5-5 under Dale Hunter with something to build on. The Post's Katie Carrera reports.

Extra Bites

• The No. 8 local story of the year is: the January snowstorm and traffic meltdown. It was one of the worst commutes ever for those in D.C. who didn't take warnings to leave their offices seriously and ended up with a six-hour commute, or stranded altogether.

• A couple albums from relatively well known hip-hop artists dropped this week. Here are reviews for Common's “The Dreamer/The Believer” and Young Jeezy's “Thug Motivation 103.”

• The Adventures of Tintin comes out today (!!!!), and Ann Hornaday wasn't huge on it. To that I say: Blistering barnacles!

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By  |  01:08 PM ET, 12/21/2011

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