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Posted at 12:47 PM ET, 06/06/2012

Decriminalization of marijuana stalls in D.C.

My Facebook feed is littered with people who left the Nats game early last night because they didn't want to miss the last train. No bother, Bryce Harper handled things in the 12th. And he got the gator juice bath. And, there's video of it.

Tomato plants under a grow light inside the new weGrow store on Rhode Island Ave, NE DC on March 30, 2012. (Tracy A. Woodward - THE WASHINGTON POST)
Bad news, stoners. It's not looking like the District is going to decriminalize marijuana anytime soon. Changing drug laws is tricky in D.C. If you're looking for someone to blame, talk to the feds. So while Maryland, following New York's lead, is taking steps to ensure that getting caught with a bag of weed doesn't ruin your life, D.C. has no plans to be so lenient. The Post's TimCraig makes the first of two appearances in today's newsletter to explain.

When you're a politician, the words "rampant speculation"are never good. But that's exactly what's happening surrounding D.C. Council chairman Kwame Brown, a Democrat. When he gave up the chairmanship of the council’s Economic Development Committee, people wondered aloud whether maybe he'd be leaving his post altogether. He is under investigation by the U.S. attorney's office, so we'll see. Tim Craig comes around again to report that Brown is denying all resignation rumors.

If you watch things on Socialcam, I automatically presume you have a computer virus. And that you are a fool. Because if you've managed to sign up for an app that shows the world (aka Facebook) all the goofy videos you click on on a regular basis, you have failed the Internet. That being said, I'll probably sign up tomorrow. The Post's Monica Hesse breaks down the app and manages to use the term "dashboard diarrhea" — which, thankfully, is not what you might think it is.

I may or may not have left our refrigerator open before I left for work yesterday. My girlfriend may or may not be furious at me about it. And as a result, all the food she bought upon moving into our new place may or may not be ruined. And I may or may not be buying a gift on my way home from the newsroom tonight. All true stories. But if a tag that tells you whether your food is spoiled existed, we'd be in good shape. Slate's Katy Waldman explains how that just might happen.

Many people have long believed that Ted Leonsis is not concerned with winning rings, the theory being that owning a team on the cusp of greatness and having fun, star players actually nets him more money than assembling the kind of squad it takes to actually lift a championship trophy. I believe it and I don't blame him for it, honestly. But for some folks, the hiring of Randy Wittman as the Wizards coach has set them off. Mike Wise wonders whether Leonsis is really just a cheap guy.

Extra Bites

• Today's Google doodle is an homage to Richard Hollingshead Jr., the guy who invented drive-in movie theaters. In other news, I'm a big fan of the band At The Drive-In. If you don't remember them, feel free to watch this video.

• Miley Cyrus is engaged. This wedding is going to be everything that the Kardashian wedding was not, which is a great thing for America.

• I have more news from the animated GIF front. It's called Ectograph.

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By  |  12:47 PM ET, 06/06/2012

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