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Posted at 01:54 PM ET, 01/23/2012

Listen to classical music

San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Joe Staley (74) dumps gatorade on head coach Jim Harbaugh during the fourth quarter of an NFL football game. (Paul Sakuma - AP)
Now that the Harbaugh Bowl is no longer a possibility on any front, I'm a bit upset about Super Sunday. NFL affiliations aside, there would have nothing cooler than seeing two brothers face off in the Super Bowl. Alas.

How do you feel about black women? Have you ever asked a black woman how she feels about herself? The Washington Post and the Kaiser Family Foundation did exactly that in a nationwide survey and the results are fascinating. The interviews reveal things that may or may not be well-known but also illuminate a side of a demographic that has been routinely discriminated against for some time. The Post's Krissah Thompson breaks it down. READ THIS.

Alexandria is going to look drastically different in the coming years . The whole waterfront, the fun part that looks like its straight out of some suburban fairy tale, is due for a drastic overhaul. There was a city council meeting on Saturday and apparently it was quite the barn burner. Opponents to the new plan were quite vociferous, as they don't want to see new developments populating the riverside. The Post's Patricia Sullivan reports on the latest from King Street.

I like to listen WETA-FM when I drive . No matter who I'm with, it tends to quell arguments and bad feelings in the car. Turns out that classical music in general has been used as a deterrent to loitering and violent behavior for some time. And to be clear, yes, this theory and practice are completely musically elitist if you consider classical to be a higher form of art than say, dubstep. The Post's Anne Midgette reports on why Mozart drives criminals away.

My dad is gonna kill me if I tell you my actual feelings about the movie 'Red Tails.' Nonetheless I saw it, and I enjoyed it. George Lucas basically made a movie that has all the cool fight scenes that "Star Wars" never had and includes a tremendous historical lesson about why racism doesn't work on any level, nevermind when a country is fighting a war. The Post's Lonnae O'Neal Parker explains why the cultural freight that came with writing that movie was immense.

The Capitals lost to the Penguins yesterday . The Wizards lost the Celtics yesterday. The Caps had a decent chance to win at the game winded down. The Wizards had decent chance to win in the game's final minutes. One team couldn't finish and the other had a complete meltdown. I'll let you guess which was which. Also, Joe Paterno passed this weekend, which is sad on every level. The Post's Sally Jenkins explains why JoePa's record as a man will be left for others to debate.

Extra Bites

• Don't lie, you're upset about Heidi and Seal breaking up. We all are. Period. I liked them together. Everybody liked them together. Unfortunately, that fairy tale is over. Celebritology says they've 'grown apart.'

• If you ever get tired of WTOP, there's a new all-news station in town. It's called WNEW and it just launched. The Post's Paul Farhi has a preview of its debut.

• Roseanne Barr is still a little crazy it turns out. She apologized for her latest rant, though.

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By  |  01:54 PM ET, 01/23/2012

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