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Posted at 12:01 PM ET, 11/21/2011

Lunchline: Get ready for Black Friday

The Los Angeles Galaxy claimed the MLS Cup last night, and David Beckham finally got his American silverware. More important to me, D.C. United unveiled a little teaser of the team's new uniforms and they sport the D.C. flag on them. We. Love. This.

Mayor Gray is still scrambling to save face when it comes to staffing. After various missteps almost from day one, Gray has tried to make some changes to get things back on track. In his latest effort, he's hired two Congressional staffers to help lead his communications team and keep his executive office in order, according to sources. The Post's Nikita Stewart reports.

It's always fun to wonder what might have been . And now, courtesy of the supremely underrated National Building Museum, we can all ponder what life would have been like on the National Mall if certain people had gotten their way. Imagine a pyramid memorial or a giant television in front the White House, among other things. The museum's new exhibit features renderings and drawings from designs destined for a city of the past and it looks fantastic. The Post's Philip Kennicott reports on "Unbuilt Washington."

There's a Prince George's County murder suspect on the loose . A clerical error at a courthouse allowed Frederick L. Scott, 24, of Chillum to go free after he was accused of killing a man in Southeast D.C. Mind you, he's been free for the better part of two weeks, but Prince George's still has not figured out exactly who's responsible for the mistake. Scott was initially arrested in Las Vegas after the slaying, which seemingly stemmed from a fight at a club, The Post's Caitlin Gibson reports.

Friday is a big day in some worlds . The busiest shopping day of the year has now been moved up with some retailers beginning Black Friday on Thanksgiving. That could make a major difference in the bottom line of some retailers. Some scary things have happened in the name of a sale, and I would suggest it's best to have a plan. Personally, I stick to online shopping and magazine gift guides to get this sort of thing done. If that's not your style, The Post's Maggie Fazeli Fard outlines 10 tips for getting deals and staying sane (and safe) on Black Friday.

The game has passed Mike Shanahan by, in my opini
The Washington Redskins. (John McDonnell - The Washington Post)
on . The Redskins head coach, revered in some circles as tremendous, made a rookie mistake yesterday. Instead of letting the Cowboys call a timeout they didn't have and potentially penalize themselves out of field goal territory in overtime, Shanahan called his own timeout in an attempt to "ice" the kicker. Guess what happened? Dallas regrouped, nailed the kick and won the game. That's an inexcusable error by Shanny. Here's the gamer.

Extra Bites

• The American Music Awards were last night and Taylor Swift is still pulling her "omg? me? for realz? so cool!" act whenever she wins something. Everybody is over it. But J-Lo managed to get her name back in the news with a win -- and her Fiat. So glad I didn't watch this.

• I'm a sucker for stories of troops coming home to their families and it being the holiday season, this one is particularly awesome. Two words: surprise parade. Step your game up, folks.

• The Froggy Bottom Pub, a GWU neighborhood icon, is closing. Sadbear.

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