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Posted at 01:08 PM ET, 11/03/2011

Lunchline: Hova and the Hoyas

This morning, I got to a little fun voiceover work for Washington Post Live’s Smart Energy Conference. Nothing too crazy, but talking into a microphone is always fun. Quite a smart gathering of people, too.

The end of the Lululemon murder trial came to a swift end last night. It took just over an hour for a jury to decide that Brittany Norwood was guilt of murder in the first degree of her co-worker Jayna Murray at a yoga shop in Bethesda. On the final day of trial, Montgomery County prosecutors argued that Norwood carried out a brutal and calculated attack on Murray, with multiple opportunities to stop the carnage. The jury agreed, Dan Morse and Victor Zapana report.

A chemistry class at Northern Virginia Community College (Bill O'Leary - WASHINGTON POST)
Community colleges have long had a ‘less than’ reputation. But attitudes towards two-year schools are changing. As so-called regular institutions put their students further and further in debt, more kids are eschewing loan payments for a lower-cost education. More specifically, kids of households who in fact have the money to spare are keeping things in the community for a couple years. The Post’s Daniel de Vise reports on the latest trend in education for middle class families.

If I could, I would get a chip implanted into my wrist to prevent having to carry a wallet. And while companies have been coming up with ridiculous apps that allow you to pay for things with your phone, that’s really not that useful. Now, Card Case, made by Square allows you to pay with things by simply using your name. YOUR NAME. I can see it now, ‘I’ll have the large pho with tripe and tendon. My name is Clinton Yates.’ Done. Slate’s Farhad Manjoo explains this glorious technology.

(Scott Gries - GETTY IMAGES)
When news first broke that Michael Eric Dyson was teaching a class about Jay-Z at Georgetown University, many wrote it off as a cheap stunt. But, as Shawn Carter prepares to perform on his Watch The Throne tour with Kanye West tonight at Verizon Center, the course has become more immediate. The Post’s Chris Richards chronicles Dyson’s take on Hova with the Hoyas, which investigates “the imagistic conception of blackness that is evoked in a white world thinking about black culture.”

As a kid, I can remember walking down East Capitol Street with my dad on Sunday mornings headed to RFK Stadium. He would tell me old stories about things from his alma mater Eastern High School, and people in the neighborhood flew their burgundy and gold flags proudly. That seems like a lifetime ago now. But it’s those kind of memories that make politicians do things like sneak off to Florida in a potential preliminary step in bringing the Redskins back to D.C. Unbelievable.

Extra Bites

• Remember earlier this year when a snowstorm caused gridlock in the area and left people stranded all over the place on the highways? Yeah, that was unfortunate. Now, the feds have come up with a plan to make sure that doesn’t happen again.

• I’m sort of scared to download and install iOS 5 for my iPhone. I’d heard horror stories of information backups gone wrong, but this official reason is as good as any for me.

• Give it up for Mac McGarry stepping down. This dude was a boss.

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By  |  01:08 PM ET, 11/03/2011

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