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Posted at 01:14 PM ET, 10/06/2011

Lunchline: iSad

A lot of people like to hate on Sarah Palin, but I have no problem with her. Politics aside, she represents a part of American society that believes in giving something a go if you want it. People call her unqualified, obtuse and shortsighted, but how is that different from any man who's ever run for office? Oh, right. It's not. I'm bummed she's out of the presidential race.

A lot of people have compared Steve Jobs to Thomas Edison since he passed last night . I'd say that Leonardo Da Vinci is a more apt comparison. People ask me all the time, 'why should I get a Mac?' I tell them the same thing every time: It's like driving an automatic versus a stick shift. Jobs effectively invented personal computing as many people know it.

Daniel Gash and Emma Cardini inspect the earthquake-damaged Washington Monument on Wednesday, September 28, 2011. (Courtesy of the National Park Service)
The fun little visual of people rappelling down the Washington Monument is done for now . The inspection of the exterior is complete, each block has been counted and measured (seriously) and apparently all is well. If you've been in this city longer than 10 years, you've now seen one of America's most iconic monuments covered in glowing scaffolding and with people jumping around its peak. The Post's Michael Ruane reports on the progress of repairs to this country's favorite obelisk.

The Dulles rail project is behind schedule . Although that's not particularly surprising, the spin surrounding the situation is intriguing.Officials say that construction is nine days behind schedule, a figure which seems a bit random, but contractors say the number is closer to 200. Either way, you should know that there will be at least six months of testing before the so-called Silver Line comes to fruition after construction is complete. The Post's Dana Hedgpeth reports.

D.C. cab riders have a new voice in the city . For years, the gripes of taxi patrons were left to the whims of hotel customers complaining about less than stellar service, but the complaints of regular city-dwellers who rely on public transport were left behind. Now, a man named Jack Jacobson has created a group called 'D.C. Residents for Reasonable Taxi Fares' and they are doing more than just showing up on Facebook. DePost's Mike DeBonis explains what the advocacy group does.

I am always ready for football, but I am not always ready for a side of ignorance . Neither is ESPN. The network parted ways with Hank Williams Jr., the man who for years sang the theme song to "Monday Night Football," after he went on television and compared the President of the United States of America to Adolf Hitler. Williams pulled the old non-apology apology beforehand, but it wasn't enough. The Early Lead's Cindy Boren has the details and the video.

Extra Bites

• If you don't know who Fred Shuttlesworth is, grab a history book. The man who was one of the most dynamic civil rights leaders of his time passed away Wednesday in a Birmingham, Ala., hospital. The reverend survived a lot and was at the forefront of the non-violence movement. Read his obituary.

• There's another state dinner coming to the White House and this time they're hosting the South Korean president. The Reliable Source speculates about the guest list. I find these things fascinating.

• Bunnies do two things: one of them is eat carrots. You could do one thing, and adopt a rabbit.

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The Root 100 honorees for 2011

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