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Tom Toles
Posted at 07:22 AM ET, 03/19/2013

Bully for Rob Portman

Well well, Republican Senator Rob Portman from Ohio has reversed his position on gay marriage and now supports it. He is coming under withering attack from the right. Perhaps I can say a word in his defense.

 Perhaps not. I will say a word that I am glad that another person is on the correct side of this issue, but I have nothing but contempt for the good Senator. Is the poor man enduring some contempt from the Republican Party? Big surprise! So why is the Senator STILL A MEMBER OF THAT PARTY? I’ll tell you why. Because nothing has changed. Rob Portman finds out his son is gay, so he flips position to benefit his own personal situation. That’s the way they think on that side. Me first, me only. It’s pretty clear now that the Senator has the mental capacity to grasp the nature of issue and see that, Hey! Gays are people too! So where was this capacity in evidence BEFORE it worked out for his own personal situation? Where was it when marriage rights were only of benefit to SOMEBODY ELSE’s family? Nowhere to be found.

 I’ll tell you what the good Senator needs to do about now. He needs to beg some public forgiveness for his prior behavior as either a genuine or cynical rights denier, and beg forgiveness for the positions of that party of his. And then LEAVE that party until it stops working to deny people JUST AS IMPORTANT AS HIS SON their due rights and privileges and honor as people and American citizens. Then I’ll have some nice words for him.

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