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Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 01/26/2012

Home organizing: Show off your photos

(Terri Sapienza)
It’s a visual assault. Trust me, I know. I lived with it.

This is a “before” picture of a tiny and weirdly located closet space on the first floor of my old and quirky D.C. rowhouse. The space is only nine inches deep and, at the time the picture was taken, it had Elfa shelving hung inside that was too small and, therefore, inefficient.

But organizing the storage space where we kept our batteries, light bulbs, flashlights and extension cords was never at the top of my home-improvement priority list. That was, until I had to take this picture for my carpenter when he was replacing the closet doors and the image made me scream.

My next actions were swift and decisive. While fixing the doors, I had my carpenter take down the Elfa and hang fixed wood shelving. I used left over blue paint I had in the basement and painted the interior. Then, I located baskets with the dimensions I needed and restocked the shelves.

(See “after” photo:)

(Terri Sapienza)
Here’s the finished product. Not only is the space insanely more organized, but it’s pretty to look at, too. Having to replace a light bulb or battery has never made me so happy.

Do you have an organized space in your home that makes you happy? Share it with us in the photo gallery below and we’ll point to your best ideas in a future blog post.


GALLERY: Upload photos of your organized home

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