A brief introduction from The Washington Post’s new Wizards beat writer


As some of you may have noticed, my name – Jorge Castillo if you still haven’t looked up at the byline — began appearing on this blog last week. That’s because I am now the Wizards beat writer for The Washington Post.

Don’t fret. Michael Lee is still around. He’s now the Post’s national NBA writer, covering the league and its other 29 teams. His focus has shifted, but he’ll surely provide his expertise with occasional cameos on Wizards Insider.

I’m thrilled to take over for Michael at this exciting time for the Wizards, a franchise on the rise and expected to be a player in the Eastern Conference for years to come. My goal is to continue to make The Post’s coverage of the team — from Wizards Insider to features to game stories — a must-read, as Michael accomplished during his time on the beat.

Training camp is several weeks away, but in the meantime we’ll be providing constant updates on all things Wizards. Next up on the NBA calendar is the highly anticipated schedule release. That should happen sometime next week. Until then, let the Wizards Christmas Day game speculation continue.

Jorge Castillo writes about the Washington Wizards.
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