Can bankruptcy save Puerto Rico’s state-run corporations?

A House bill would allow the island's state-run corporations to reorganize their staggering debt.

Map: Llamas are literally everywhere

After today, is anyone safe?

Why the Reagan wing of the GOP is worried

What happens when special breaks for the middle class threaten the goal of 'the lowest possible' tax rates.

Why the number of people identifying as both white and black doubled in a decade

Census data suggests stark ideas about race may be softening

The Supreme Court is deciding a case that could derail Obamacare. Here’s what you need to know.

A guide to the fight over federal subsidies helping Americans buy health insurance.

Tiny dogs are taking over this country

The rise of the small dog.

The terrifying rate at which smokers die from smoking

The latest number is hard to ignore.

The McMansion is back, and bigger than ever

Home developers are building McMansions in the suburbs again

After a long fight, the FCC is about to approve net neutrality

The commission is expected to approve a "strong" version of net neutrality in a vote scheduled for Thursday that will likely fall on party lines.

Why rising wages might be bad news

Higher wages might actually be bad news if it means discouraged workers are giving up for good.

From ‘Downton Abbey’ to ‘1984’: An amazing 2D timeline of stories about the past and future

A chart shows when books and movies were released vs. when their stories supposedly happened

In 2013, measles killed more kids than car accidents or AIDS

Measles was one of the top killers of children in 2013.

Where Shake Shack has McDonald’s—and most other fast food chains—beat

Shake Shack's social media presence is something of an anomaly.

Ecstasy use rose sharply in the mid-2000s — but has fallen since then

Federal data show Ecstasy and Molly may be falling out of favor

Trying to talk a bus driver into giving you a free ride? Make sure you’re white, or else wear a suit

In an experiment in Australia, white passengers were allowed to ride free much more often than black passengers.

Ford is experimenting with its own Uber-like app — and a vehicle to go with it

It's still unclear, though, who the automaker is competing with. Uber itself? Transit agencies? Cab companies?

Why companies are rewarding shareholders instead of investing in the real economy

A new report sheds light on why easy credit doesn’t create jobs like it used to.

Major insurers are finally revealing one of health-care’s greatest mysteries

Insurers are offering new details about what they pay for care. But shopping for the best deal will still be difficult.

Alcohol is more dangerous than drug dealing or gangs

When it comes to crime and violence, alcohol is the most lethal substance in America.

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How Boehner backed himself into a corner on immigration

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