There may have been a poison pill in the fast-track trade bill

An amendment requiring Malaysia to come into compliance with human trafficking rules could slow resolution of the trade fight in Congress.

Why the PR industry is sucking up Pulitzer winners

The data on the loss of journalist jobs across America -- and the surge in PR jobs -- are chilling.

How Elizabeth Warren would have stopped a panic on Wall Street

She advocates a small tax on every financial transaction to eliminate flash crashes.

A stunning visualization of our divided Congress

Watch the parties peel away from each other like a cell dividing.

Two years ago, 1,129 people died in a Bangladesh factory collapse. The problems still haven’t been fixed.

While major clothing companies have made progress on upgrading the factories where they source their products, governance is still weak and infrastructure lacking.

This Microsoft ad paints a terrifying future where employees are working literally 24 hours a day

Your work isn't done until you keel over dead, Surface Pro in hand.

How to seem smart in meetings without really trying

Nod continuously while pretending to take notes, and 9 other tips to appear intelligent in meetings

Why Pret A Manger gives away so much free food to customers

People who don't eat regularly at Pret A Manger probably don't realize one of the best perks of being a customer there.

Pelosi takes a stand against currency manipulators

Her position is at odds with President Obama's efforts to negotiate a major trade deal in the Pacific.

People are paying tens of thousands of dollars for custom phone numbers. These are the most expensive

It's often not the area code that matters.

What if Walmart raised its minimum wage to $70,000 a year?

Some companies can raise worker salaries dramatically. Others have too many who make too little to do so.

What emoji use says about your country and your language

A new survey looks at emoji use around the world

The U.S. isn’t the fattest country in the world – but it’s close

A massive chart ranks the world's most overweight countries

Where Americans don’t know how to write checks

We're forgetting how to do it, Google data show.

How the data revolution could transform the way people live with diabetes

Diabetes is a data-intensive disease. New technology could make it a lot simpler.

Bill O’Reilly is clueless about inequality

No, the rich aren't overtaxed

Christie’s proposed Social Security changes are a political risk

The proposal could alienate working-class voters and retirees.

Scott Walker’s skepticism about immigration is a big reversal

The governor used to support a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants. Now, he thinks even legal immigration should be limited.

Charted: How history’s most creative people organized their days

Ludwig Van Beethoven was an early bird. Pablo Picasso? Not so much.

Why Hispanics hold the key to the Comcast merger

The massive proposed deal with Time Warner Cable needs federal approval. And Latinos could help seal it — or sink it.

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