If you thought the llama and dress memes were silly, this will make you feel worse

8 things millennials want—and don’t want—show how different they are from their parents

Goldman Sachs dives into the likes and dislikes of the next generation of Americans.

Why dessert is disappearing from America’s dinner tables

If you eat dessert at home, after dinner, you're not alone. But soon you might be.

RIP Leonard Nimoy, economist

His Spock brought economic theory to television - and showed its limits.

The one thing that could cut the economic recovery short

The economy's growth just got revised down from 2.6 to 2.2 percent, but the fundamentals are stronger than before. Except for the trade deficit.

Why Wal-Mart decided to finally pay its workers more

The company needed its employees to do more, and wanted to show it was willing to compensate accordingly.

Why there are so many llamas in the United States

Llamas are great, but would you pay $220,000 for one?

America’s favorite dog breeds for the past two decades, ranked

Twenty years of dog popularity in one chart.

12 fascinating optical illusions show how color can trick the eye

It's not just the dress. These optical illusions show that color can be a tricky concept

The financial crisis may have been to blame for a sudden spike in middle-age suicides

Suicide rates spike for the age group at the onset of the financial crisis.

Quiz: Can you name the religions in these maps?

Mapping the geography of American religion.

The airline industry recovered from Sept. 11, but the people who make airplane meals haven’t

Workers for in-flight catering services want back what they gave up when the airline industry nearly collapsed.

Congress will delay the arbitrary deadline it set for itself

The House plans to introduce a stopgap to fund the Department of Homeland Security for another three weeks.

George W. Bush’s top econ adviser says Republicans must move beyond tax cuts alone

Get a preview of what the GOP's economic message might be in 2016.

Germany is LITERALLY getting paid to borrow money

For the first time ever, Germany sold 5-year bonds with negative interest rates. Yes, negative.

Warren Buffett has some pretty questionable eating habits

The most important man in the world of finance has some pretty questionable eating habits.

Can bankruptcy save Puerto Rico’s state-run corporations?

A House bill would allow the island's state-run corporations to reorganize their staggering debt.

Map: Llamas are literally everywhere

After today, is anyone safe?

Why the Reagan wing of the GOP is worried

What happens when special breaks for the middle class threaten the goal of 'the lowest possible' tax rates.

Why the number of people identifying as both white and black doubled in a decade

Census data suggests stark ideas about race may be softening

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